About me

Artist Statement

As an artist and designer/maker of textiles I specialise in the creation of 'one-off' items that may be worn on the body or displayed as art pieces for the interior. Through a continual evolving cycle of creativity, my designs may also be applied to wall hangings, scarves, wraps, throws and cushions, always maintaining particular consideration for warmth, luxury and, ultimately, comfort.

I identify with the gifts of nature, choosing only to use plant dyes and natural fibres. My techniques and style have developed into a Nuno-felt process. It is the tactile nature of my work which is probably the most important - a reflection of the intimate nature of personal contact with the materials and the exploration of fibres during the making process.

I use a unique plant dye method in which leaves, bark, berries and lichen stain and mark the fabric in a fascinating process. Iron debris serves as a natural mordant and marker. Using a wrapping technique making small bundles of cloth and leaves or found objects and steaming them, I create pieces of work which may be worn or displayed as art objects.

Recent Development

In 2010 I received a project grant from the Arts Council of Wales to research and explore the properties of British fleece which I am currently using. British fleece is coarser, more stubborn and more labour intensive to felt, which has lead me towards the making of sculptural pieces.

Arts Council of Wales
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